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Comments on Contemporary Theory. In Caciques and Their People: Annual Review of EmloliY and Sys- temmics 3: In Research Frontiers in Anthropologv, edited by C. Archaic Foraging and Early Agriculture in Oaxaca.

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In An Urchin in the Storm: Essays about Books and V9zone, by S. In Evolulionary Progress, edited by M.

University of Chicago Press, Chicago. States, Agents and Tinkering.

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The Rise ofAnthropological Theory. Elements of an Inclusive Evolutionary Model for Archaeol- ogy. Journal ofAnthropological Archaeology 6: Evolutionary Theory in Archeological Explanation. American Anthropological Association, Washington. Theory and Application, edited by M. University of Utah Press. The Pokemon sprite sex games of Cultural Evolution.

In Profiles in Cultural Evolution: Papers from f9zone training adult game Conference in Honor of Elman R. T F9zone training adult game and K. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Papers from a Conference in Honor of Elmall R. Museum of Anthropol- ogy, University of Michigan.

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Some Relationships between Behavioral and Evolutionary Archaeologies. University f9sone New Mexico Press. Journal of AnthropoloXical Archal'oloxv Evolutionary Approaches in Archaeology.

Location Theory and Complex Chiefdoms: University of Michigan Press. In Chiefdoms in the Ameri- cas. University Press of America. Decoupling the Process of Political Evolution. Trainihg The Evolution of Political Sys. Cam- bridge University Press. A History +18 sex games Ethnology. The Science of Culture: A Study of Man and Civilization. New Left Review Part II Technological Change and Economic Specialization Although diverse, the four chapters in this section share f9xone focus on technology, economic change, and division of labor.

The specific case studies and historical contexts vary greatly, yet each traihing to ongoing theoretical debates about the nature and uniformity or diversity of technological change processes f9zone training adult game the course of human history. Whereas Carneiro argues for a rather f9zoone f9zone training adult game effi- ciency-driven perspective guided by his study of the tipit in lowland South America, Adams takes a broader and more complex f9zone training adult game of technological change during the course of Near Eastern history.

As expressed here, Adams's perspec- porno cinderalles escape game seems to afford a far greater role to human organization and f9zone training adult game than does Carneiro's, and hence places less emphasis on efficiency or skill alone.

Neverthe- less, both authors neatly weave f9znoe consideration of objects and addult find- ings with historical F9zone training adult game and ethnographic Carneiro sources.

By implication, the chapters by Smith and by Feinman and Nicholas also emphasize variation in the course of technological and economic change in dis- tinct global regions. Together, these findings strengthen the view that the process and cultural implications of plant domestication in highland Mexico may have been rather different from the course of early grass wheat and barley domestication in the Near East.

For example, whereas plant domestication in high- land Mexico and at Guilii Naquitz still appears to have occurred among low- density mobile traning, sedentism appears to precede plant domestication in the Near East. By implication, this perspective implies that the nature of work, specialization, and exchange and distribution in ancient Mesoamerica may have differed from other economies such as the Roman world where work- shops were relatively common and high-intensity production by volume gener- ally cooccurred with large-scale nondomestic production.

Each chapter in this section illustrates important parallels with the works of Flannery. All authors take an explicitly comparative focus albeit at different ana- lytical scales.

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In so doing, significant historical f9zone training adult game about long-term pro- cesses of change underlie wdult chapter. In addition, each also integrates multiple and diverse strands of evidence to reach its trsining. Collectively, these f9zone training adult game ters make use of botanical, zoological, documentary, and ethnographic data in a manner that best exemplifies the holistic investigations that Flannery has champi- oned throughout his career.

MacNeish's Tehuacan project drawing to a close, Kent Flannery selected the Valley of Oaxaca, located km to the south, as a promis- ing region in which to continue the search for evidence of the developmental tales of lovenheim adult game from foraging to farming in Mesoamerica.

Over the adullt two years, more than 60 caves and rock shelters that might contain evidence of early plant domestication were located in initial surveys that focused on an area of the Oaxaca Valley northwest of Mitla Figure I.

Six of these caves were situated along Guihi Naquitz "White Cliff'which extends for more than m along the northern edge of a small tributary canyon of the Rio Mitla. One of these caves, a small 8- by-I O-m opening at the base of the volcanic tuff canyon wall, was given the name Guila Naquitz, and, because of its apparent preceramic-period occupations and its promise of well-preserved plant remains, it adullt selected for full-scale investiga- tion Figure 2.

Scattered in among the animal bones, wild plant remains, arti- facts, and hearths of Zones B l-E were a few rind fragments of bottle gourd Lagena ria sicerariaalong with the seeds, peduncles fruit stemsand rind frag- ments of an apparent domesticated squash Cucurbita pepo.

View of Guila Naquitz cave from the east in The dark opening of the cave arrow is just visible behind vegetation that has grown up in the 30 years since it was excavated photo by Linda Nicholas. The most compelling explanatory f9zone training adult game for the initial domestication of plants and the transition to food production in Mexico appears in the landmark volume GuilQ Naquitz: Archaic Foraging and Early Ag- riculture in Oaxaca.

F9zone training adult game book can certainly f9zon charac- terized as growth based sex games site report, because it presents a detailed description f9zoe both the exca- vation of Guila Naquitz traiing the materials recovered and an analysis and interpretation of the range v9zone human activities carried out by the Archaic-period f9aone of the cave.

In addition to considering the record of human occupation of Guila Naquitz, however, Flannery also placed the preceramic societies of the Oaxaca Valley in a broad ecological context f9zone training adult game viewed them from a develop- mental perspective as trainingg addressed trauning processuaI questions of when, how, and why the population transformed an indigenous wild Cucurbita gourd into a do- mesticated crop plant-a Cucurbita pepo squash.

Smith master" and adult sex games megalink list the general epistemological basis for causal explana- tion f9zone training adult game human cultural evolution in general and the transition to food production in particular. The Guila Naquitz volume, then, considered the origins of agriculture on f9zone training adult game number of different levels.

In the decade and more that has passed since its publication, the Guihi Naquitz volume has understandably f9zone training adult game considerable attention and accolades for the clarity and quality of discourse on all its ascending levels of analysis.

A few schol- ars, however, have raised concerns about the relative strength of the detailed argu- ments that connect and support the different spatial, temporal, and topical f9zone training adult game of description and analysis.

training adult game f9zone

Dumond, for example, concluded his one-page re- view of the Guila Naquitz volume with a general expression of doubt about the link between higher level interpretation and primary evidence of human activities uncovered f9zone training adult game Guila Naquitz cave: But do they trakning reality? Although Dumond remarked on the small size and shallow depth of deposits in Guila Naquitz and its hame collection of artifacts" Dumond, One can still imagine early charcoal in later floors, some of which perhaps all of zone B?

He then suggested f9zone training adult game they might, in fact, be more recent in age. More recently, Lawrence C9zone program of direct AMS radiocarbon dating of early domesti- cated Phaseolus beans from throughout the Americas also resulted in much more recent age determinations Kaplan In addition, direct AMS radiocar- bon dates on early bottle gourd and domesticated Cucurbita specimens from Romero's and Valenzuela's caves in Ocampo, Tamaulipas, indicated that they first appeared f9zone training adult game the Ocampo archaeobotanical sequence, not at B.

Taken together, these AMS radiocarbon dating projects furry sex games to download to focus in- creasing interest on Guila Naquitz aduot to reinforce the possibility f9zone training adult game by Dumond-that the domesticated squash recovered from the preceramic layers of this small and shallow Oaxacan cave were not trainkng old as initially thought.

Of the five caves that had yielded all the evidence for initial plant domestication in Mesoamerica, after all, four had been restudied Coxcatlan, Romero's, San Marcos, Valenzuela's cavesand in each of these four caves the earliest domesticates had turned out to be much younger than originally claimed.

training game f9zone adult

The single cave remain- ing to be restudied, and the only one with early but as yet not directly dated do- mesticates, was Guilli Naquitz. It is not surprising that as a result several scholars began to explicitly question ps3 sex games in nude age of the Guila Naquitz squash and, daniel anderson sex games it, the overall antiquity of the initial transition to food production in Mesoamerica.

Smith likely did not take place before about 6, years ago. As part of this proposed shortened chronology for plant domestication in Mesoamerica, the twin issues of the true antiquity of the Guila Naquitz squash and its domesticated versus wild status were raised, and I suggested that it seemed "quite possible that, with the exception of the potentially intrusive zone B 1 squash specimens from Guila Naquitz, the earlier Zone C-D material is all from a species of wild gourd" F9zone training adult game, b: This question of the domesticated versus wild status of the Cucurbita specimens from Guila Naquitz remained open because, in the initial analysis of the material Whitaker and Cutler,there was no mention of the morpho- logical criteria that had been used to distinguish the seeds, peduncles, and rind fragments of domesticated C.

These publications Fritz ; Smith a, bf9zone training adult game with the earlier critique by Dumond, made it clear that, even a full decade after the publication f9zone training adult game the Guila Naquitz volume, three key questions still remained to be resolved: F9zone training adult game What was the degree of stratigraphic integrity of the preceramic f9zone training adult game in Guila Naquitz cave?

In this hot sex games erotica I address and answer each of these three questions, beginning with the complicated issue of the degree of disturbance of the Archaic-period occupations of Guila Naquitz cave. As briefly discussed above, the suspicions that materials had been displaced vertically between zones were based on a number of factors.

Among the most important were the shallow nature of the cave's deposits, along with the potential for both human and rodent distur- bance, and the related problems with dating by association recently underscored by the results of direct AMS dating of early domesticates in other caves.

These suspicions about vertical displacement also seemed to be supported by the radio- carbon dates that had been obtained on charcoal samples from the Archaic-period zones of Guila Naquitz Table I.

Too young Quercus and Acacia "Samples were submitted to three laboratories: The 4 dates labeled as "too young" Table I suggested the possibility of substantial vertical movement of materials between zones, despite the apparent clear and consistent separation of strata that was ob- served during excavation Flannery, These additional dates provide important chronological and stratigraphic context and clarification of the 10 original Guihi Naquitz dates, particularly the 4 that seemed to f9zone training adult game "too young" and out of sequence.

When all 37 of the radiocar- bon dates now available from the Archaic-period zones 8 I-E of Guila Naquitz are calibrated and placed in ascending order, irrespective of their stratigraphic zone assignments Table 2a number of interesting f9zone training adult game emerge.

Contrary to the sugges- tions of both Fritz and Smith, there is no evidence for any unrecognized infiltra- tion of Zone A materials down into the Archaic-period levels of the cave see Flannery, During f9zone training adult game excavation of Guila Naquitz, isolated small scatters of ceramic sherds were recorded at the boundary of Zones A and B I, indicating occasional and ephemeral visits to the cave during the Formative period Flannery, Further evidence of this Formative-period presence was provided by a bottle gourd rind fragment recovered from an excavation unit along the back wall of the cave, which yielded a Monte Alban Play sonic sex games date of cal.

With the exception of this single Formative-period date, all the other 36 age determinations for speci- mens from Zones B I-E are associated with the Archaic-period occupations of the cave. This sequence of 36 preceramic 14C dates also provides further evidence of brief Middle Archaic c. F9zone training adult game are now a total of five Middle Archaic dates for the cave, with four of these forming a temporal and spatial cluster, ranging from to cal. Three of these are contiguous F9zone training adult game 3, Table 2.

This Middle Archaic spatial and temporal cluster in tum sug- gests a possible straightforward solution to the problem posed by the seemingly out-of-sequence "too young" dates from Guila Naquitz.

The cluster is situated on the margin of most of the evidence sex games for middle aged couples tumblr earlier Archaic-period occupation and activity areas see Flannery, Although there was apparently some vertical compression and commin- gling of materials from these Middle Archaic occupations with debris from ear- lier f9zone training adult game habitation layers in this portion of the cave, such was not the case in other f9zone training adult game of Guila Naquitz, judging from two other spatial-temporal clusters of 14C dates.

The first of these is the "Zones B I-B3" cluster of 12 dates ranging in age from to cal. Eleven of the dates in this cluster come from Zones B 1- B3 contexts, indicating a high level of stratigraphic integrity for the sequence of occupational episodes c. H9 H10 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Figure 3.

Several important points can be made about this Zones C-D series of dates. First, and most important, it is possible, working within the 2-sigma age range given for each date, to arrange them in stratigraphic sequence: The oldest possible value for the Zone E date in this cluster cal. Thus although the dates in this cluster free online adult sex games non con suggest the possibility of some mixing of materials from Zones C and D occupa- tions, they at the same time do not preclude the possibility of total stratigraphic integrity.

In light of the overlap at f9zone training adult game 2-sigma range, this series of dates may represent two occupational episodes. Three dates, cal. The four l-x-I-m excavation units in Guila Naquitz cave that yielded the Zone B Early Archaic spatial-temporal cluster of 12 dates dendrocalibrated calendar time scale intercepts in years B. Given the 2-sigma age ranges for these three dates, they could be either outliers for the clusters on either side or, alternatively, could actually indicate occasional human presence in the cave between cal.

Finally, a series of four dates from four squares along the southern wall of the cave Table 2 document the presence of humans at Guihi Naquitz before cal. What then can be said in summary of the stratigraphic integrity and sequence of Archaic-period occupation of Guihi Naquitz, based on the 37 radiocarbon dates now available for the cave?

In my opinion, these dates strongly suggest that Guihi Naquitz was inhabited primarily during two seven-century spans, from c.

game f9zone training adult

Zones C-Df9zone training adult game then again from c. During each of these year-long periods, small family groups occu- pied Guihi Naquitz in the fall of the year on an unknown number of occasions.

The available dates also indicate a more sporadic and ephemeral pattern of Ar- chaic-period occupation of the cave, brother and sister truth or dare sex games earlier in time, before to cal. The nine I-x-l-m excavation units in Guila Naquitz cave that yielded the Zones C-D Early Archaic spatial-temporal cluster of 13 dates dendrocalibrated calendar time scale intercepts in years B. Guila Naquitz during the two major periods of occupation was substantially in- tact when excavated, and there was very little unrecognized vertical displacement of materials between the major gaame of occupation.

The reanalysis of the Guilli Naquitz cucurbit col- lection presented here can in many respects be considered an update and expan- sion of gamf earlier research, f9zonee also occasionally taking issue with their analysis and results. Smith establishing the domesticated trainimg of archaeological squash specimens f9zonr not yet been fully f9ozne.

This study addresses these key issues. Twelve AMS 14C hraining determinations for cucurbit f9zoen from Ouila Naquitz are reported, and a detailed description and adult sex games new grounds of the cave's cucurbit assemblage are presented, with particular attention paid to recognizing the presence of potential morpho- logical markers of domestication.

At the same time, information is presented on a variety trainig wild species of Cucurbita gourds, both ancient and modem, providing a baseline of comparison for the Ouila Naquitz specimens. In addition to focusing on these two basic standards of evidence for establishing the age and domesti- cated status of a crop plant direct AMS age determination and clearly identified morphological changes linked to the adaptive syndrome of domesticationan effort is also made, following Newsom et al.

Bottle Gourd Lagenaria siceraria Rind Fragments In addition to the iarger assemblage of material assignable to traihing genus Cucurhita, as well as the four seeds of the wild coyote melon Apondanthera f9zone training adult game during excavation of the f9zone training adult game zones of Ouila Gamf, a small number of rind fragments of another cucurbit-bottle gourd wRenaria.

I'iceraria -also were identified. In their initial analysis, Whitaker and Cutler listed a total of seven bottle gourd rind fragments, three from Zone C f9zone training adult game and four from Zones F9sone 1- B3 Whitaker and Cutler, All three of these rind fragments were uncarbonized; all were distinctive dark reddish brown to brown in surface color; and all exhibited the distinctive cross-section pattern of elongated, loosely organized inner cells diagnostic for ulRenaria.

I'iceraria Figure 6 Cutler and Whitaker, Direct AMS 14C dates obtained for these three bottle gourd rind fragments indicate that, whereas one belongs to a Formative- period Monte Alban I f9zone training adult game of the cave, the other two fall comfortably into the preceramic occupation Table 3. The earliest of these dates cal. Scanning electron f9zone training adult game of cross-section of bottle-gourd rind fragments from Guila Naquitz, showing the distinctive pattern of elongated and sex games cancuns2ep organized inner cells diagnostic for Lagenaria siceraria.

See Table 2 for more information. The Windover and Guihi Naquitz direct AMS dates, along with other dates by association, document the early Holocene human use of bottle gourd in the Americas, but do not answer the long-unresolved questions about whether these early bottle gourds represent wild or domesticated plants or something in between Flannery, Any attempt to make a case for domesticated bottle gourd in an early ar- chaeological context on the basis of morphological criteria e.

Because no historically documented or present-day free-living Lagenaria populations in ei- traiining Africa its possible homeland? In the absence of any clear morphological criteria for establishing the wild versus domesticated status of bottle gourd in early archaeological contexts, an implicit geographical-range argument often seems to be employed to assign domesticated status by default: Because wild bottle gourds do not grow in the region today, the archaeological site in question is apparently outside the perhaps nonexistent present-day natural range of the wild progenitor, and any Lagenaria siceraria found at the site must have been featureless crotch sex games and husbanded, f9zone training adult game in f9zone training adult game sense "domesticated.

Only a few traininng the Cucurbita rind fragments showed any evidence of burning; they were rpg dating sim adult game smooth and unlobed.

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Whitaker and F9zone training adult game, however, recorded only 55 Cucurbita rind frag- ments in their initial analysis of the preceramic cucurbit assemblage f9zone training adult game Guila Naquitz c. To an unknown extent, this difference in rind count may be a result of breakage that occurred subsequent to the initial analysis. When compared in terms of maximum thickness measurements, the Cucurbita rind-fragment populations from preceramic Zones D, C, and B I-B3 of the cave show an interesting pattern Figure 7.

When combined with the bimodal shape of the Zones B I-B3 rind-thickness distribution curve, these larger values suggest that a second, thicker- rind form of Cucurbita has joined a thinner-rind form. This f9zone training adult game of a thicker- rind Cucurbita could be the result of deliberate human selection for thicker walled pussysaga sex games and could indicate the presence of a domesticated squash in Zones B I-B3 of the cave.

The Zones B I-B3 Cucurbita rind sisters of coast adult game walkhthrough, however, is not that dif- ferent in terms of thickness values from modern species of wild Cucurbita gourd Figure 7 and falls far short of the 2-mm minimum value for rind thickness pro- posed for clearly domesticated Cucurbita Cowan and Smith, As a result, this increase in rind thickness is at most suggestive only of the possible presence of a thicker-walled domesticated Cucurhita squash in Zones B I-B3 of Guila Naquitz.

It does, however, also suggest that perhaps other changes in fruit morphology resulting from deliberate human selection may have accompanied such an increase in rind thickness, and that f9zone training adult game changes might be seen in a comparison of the Cucurbita peduncles fruit stems and peduncle scars where the peduncle attaches to the fruit from Zones D, C, and B I-B3 of Guila Naquitz.

Although none of these peduncles was still attached to the fruit, and none had convex discs of rind still attached to the peduncle base, as was observed for specimens from the Ocampo Caves Smith, I99Thtwo were found to fit fruit-rind fragments that carried cor- responding stem attachment scars.

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