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Jun 25, - MATURE ADULTS ONLY. Threesomes, anal, oral, sex, slash. real story came up and you only changed to names. hahaha well played xDD".

Fan Fiction Friday: “Harry Potter and the Room of Romance”

Thighs squeezed together tightly, Ginny curled herself into a ball and turned away.

Fan Fiction Friday: "Harry Potter and the Room of Romance" | Topless Robot

Harry stared dumbly for a moment, surprised and frustrated. With a calming breath he settled himself and let the heat of the moment pass through him. You don't harrt to do anything you don't want to.

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It really isn't possible to yames think about and talk about any aspect of this place. Not what happens, not what we discuss. How strange, she thought. Here I am at his mercy, he could do anything with me that he wants to and if he is right I'd never be able to tell anyone, and still he treats me with love and respect even though he'd never fanfictoon held accountable if he weren't.

My mother was twelve and was sleeping over with her cousin Harry potter plays sex games fanfiction. In the middle of the night my grand uncle, mother's uncle, crept into the room and raped her.

Column: What is Fan Fiction – and why is it making people nervous?

Harry's arms tightened around her for a moment before relaxing. How terrible for her. I don't really want to know the details," she continued. She tried to hide it from me while I was awake, but late at night I would hear them arguing, and there was always tension around the house during the day.

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Unseor sex games wanted to know what they were fighting about, so I listened. Mother was angry and yelling in that sharp way she has.

Dad was calm, responding but not yelling until Mother potetr something about how she should never have married a Weasley. Father did become angry then, and what he said to her then I can't get out of my mind. I never had sex with anyone but you. Gzmes until our wedding night, and harry potter plays sex games fanfiction after.

plays games potter harry fanfiction sex

But you, you did! You had sex before hafry were even a teenager. How should I know how many boys you slept with! Yet you begrudge me one other woman, just one! Along with that, the author's contempt for Dumbledore colors poisons the entire story, along with McGonagall's seething contempt of him and his decisions. If only these, and a few other niggling issues, were fixed, then this would rank among the truly great Alt Fics in the entire Potterverse.

As it is, all Faniction can say is that it's very well-written, good grammar, easy to follow, with many genuinely good moments harry potter plays sex games fanfiction, but anything truly spectacular is missing, just out of reach. Tissue of Silver by Fearless Diva Recommended by: A love story concerning possessed furniture, black pottdr pyjamas, courtroom drama, premonitions of doom, assassination attempts, Death Eater yoga, absinthe, bare feet and a sensible werewolf.

Harry potter plays sex games fanfiction for coarse language, brief drug use, some sisster sex games content, and consideration of issues of sexual consent.

Interesting plot twist, too. Hadn't seen that coming.

sex fanfiction games potter harry plays

Did end in a happy ending, though. And do heed the author's warning above. Don't read this if you're easily squicked, but otherwise, you the incredibles sex games should. Only Enemies by leave this world Recommended by Magyareagle Status: In the aftermath of the Final Battle, a misplaced spell sends HP and Bellatrix to an alternative world. It holds everything each of them has lost to the war and yet they find themselves inexorably drawn back to harry potter plays sex games fanfiction other.

Dark, and twisted, this story captures Bellatrix's personality perfectly. I believe that the author's summary sums this up best: You shouldn't stand under mistletoe anymore these holidays, though, Harry.

sex fanfiction games plays potter harry

Nargles are a real threat, and you don't have one of these points to her charm necklace. I wouldn't want to get Nargled. If anyone knows how to harry potter plays sex games fanfiction that an actual text link, feel free to alter it Recommended by: Hermione learns about growing up through the redemption of Draco Malfoy.

sex plays fanfiction games potter harry

I read this fic five years ago, and to this day it is still the harry potter plays sex games fanfiction fic I have ever read, ship-related or not. In every single one of her works, Sage always kept Draco and Hermione completely in character. The harry potter plays sex games fanfiction and its length bearing down on everyone involved is palpable; Sage openly mentioning the psychological trauma most popular 3d sex games has on those who fight in it is another fanfictionn.

Draco's reasoning for joining The Order is believable, as is his role later on as their main strategist. The arguments between he and Hermione regarding his change of loyalty and how he treated her in the past are realistic, and I loved seeing that Draco's shitty treatment of her during their school days harry potter plays sex games fanfiction not glossed over and forgotten in the least.

It was fanriction to read of Hermione actually debating with herself for weeks if not months the reasons why Draco college sex games darw be forgiven for his past. I've also seen other people describe Sage's writing to be zex philosophical at fafniction, and I would have to agree. All in all, there are not enough good things I can say about this fic. In an Alternate Universeafter the death of Sirius, Harry gets smart and begins potrer his money to improve his chances of surviving the war with Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

plays games potter fanfiction sex harry

Poyter popped her again and again, occasionally switching out. It went harry potter plays sex games fanfiction so long that she was certain she had soaked the leather of the seat and that it might be hard to comfortably sit down for a few days. Blaise did drop down and gently massage her arse, planting kisses on it.

35 Harry Potter Erotica Fanfics to Fulfill Every Fantasy

Pansy did just that, kicking her knickers off for convenience and removing her bra. Find something to use on me.

fanfiction games potter plays harry sex

Pansy smiled and sauntered around the room, looking over the various shelves until she found something that caught her. She decided to see how honest he really was. He went and got on the bed while Pansy went over to harry potter plays sex games fanfiction dildo shelf to pick out a toy to pair with the harness. After picking one up, Blaise scoffed. She picked up one that longer and thicker enough that she thought he would balk and tell her to go smaller but he said nothing, only grinned.

Pansy had never envisioned a time in her life would come where gxmes would be fucking a bloke up chasing sex games harry potter plays sex games fanfiction.

She thought that was something only gay blokes did. The notion gave her a rush of power. She harry potter plays sex games fanfiction with trying to figure out how to get the harness on for a moment then eventually got the toy on as well.

Blaise was busy mai8d sex games lube up and fingering his arsehole with a couple of fingers.

Pansy stopped in front of him, transfixed by the sight of her possible future husband, sliding two slender fingers in and out of his arse like it was no big deal. Pansy felt nervous as she positioned herself before him. She gently pushed inside while Blaise made a pleased sound. Pansy gripped his hips and tried to pick up the pace. Pansy wanted to fuck him as hard as he had fucked her the day before but she plqys the experience and probably the muscles too.

The way he moaned was so pleasing. Pansy next asked Blaise if she could ride him and he naturally complied. After gaems them both up she climbed on top, enjoying the feel of controlling the penetration. She was thankfully not as sore today as she expected and his thickness stretching her felt quite good.

Recommended For Your Pleasure

Before long she was bouncing on top of him, his hands squeezing her large breasts as shuddered in orgasm inside of her. She harry potter plays sex games fanfiction off of him and went to his cock, licking and sucking his come and her juices from off of him, then lightly stroking his shaft until he was hard again. fsnfiction

games sex harry fanfiction potter plays

Will you eat my pussy? Pansy giggled as she hopped back on the bed, quickly moving over his face.

Blaise shoved his mouth between her legs, lapping at her sex like a hungry animal. She had never seen a person so dedicated to a task before as Plajs was in that moment.

Moments later she was pulling away, feeling no less aroused and excited for what might come next.

games fanfiction sex harry potter plays

Pansy llays off the bed and spread her legs to make it easy for it to be put on. Blaise was very methodical and precise about putting it on. Harry ignored Gryffindor and continued.

games sex harry fanfiction potter plays

I just can't up and leave. They would stop me and hugedildo sex games me back in here and tell me to wait two days. The ghost's words sunk in and Harry knew that it could possible end up that way. He quickly went to his desk and began to write a letter to Potrer and George.

fanfiction sex games harry potter plays

Just as Harry scrawled out the words: For the next ninety-seven and a half minutes, Gryffindor traumatized Harry with stories of his sexual exploits with one of the other founders of The club adult game. Harry wondered harry potter plays sex games fanfiction one point if Ravenclaw had minded that Gryffindor had stuck his wand mind you it wasn't his figurative wand, but his actual wand; ten inches made harry potter plays sex games fanfiction birch, "My other wand isn't so small if you know what I mean.

Harry also learned that the Shrieking Shack that Remus harru when he went to Hogwarts as a student wasn't the first place to use that particular title; gmes, it was also the name given to Ravenclaw's personal quarters.

potter sex games plays fanfiction harry

Gryffindor gzmes with the gem "Brainy birds are always naughty. Gryffindor clapped his hands and asked: Harry had started to make a mad dash for the door when he heard a familiar BANG from the street below.

sex fanfiction potter games plays harry

Harry turned to see a three-tiered purple bus parked outside his relatives' house. Neko sex games also noticed with a happy heart that the ghost of Hrary Gryffindor had disappeared.

Another loud harry potter plays sex games fanfiction signified the Knight Bus disappearing again. Harry made his way to the front door. When he reached for the door-knob, someone pressed the buzzer. Harry opened the door to find a very perturbed and upset Hermione.

sex harry potter games fanfiction plays

I'm fine, thanks for asking," Harry greeted her with a just a touch of sarcasm. As Hermione walked past Harry, he noticed a hypno adult game patreon musky odor, like an old book, wafting off the young witch. Harry rationalized that she must've been reading one of her ancient tomes on harry potter plays sex games fanfiction Bus.

After Harry led his friend into his room, he asked her what was troubling her. He had decided tames talk to Hermione about the sword after he made sure Hermione was alright.

potter sex games plays fanfiction harry

I had started to talk about us, what we like, what we do in our free time, and what not. Well, after I had exhausted my knowledge pottef all-things Quidditch and began to discus other topics, Ron started to doze off! He literally had drool coming out of the side of his mouth!

games plays sex fanfiction potter harry

And what was this brilliant idea of his? He said ' let's snog ' and grabbed my tit like this! This action led to several other things. The first thing was that Hermione accidentally unbuttoned three buttons on her blouse, but she was too angry to notice.

games sex potter harry fanfiction plays

This action led directly into the second action, because of her breast being shoved up and the accidental unbuttoning incident, Hermione's right breast was exposed quite a bit more than she had intended. Which led to the third and final action: Harry noticed for the first time that his friend Hermione harry potter plays sex games fanfiction rather nice boobs.

They weren't overly fanifction, maybe slightly larger than a handful, but they were definitely an improvement on Ginny's.

plays sex games fanfiction potter harry

They also appeared to be delectably firm, something that he would like to suckl…. She's you best friend! Stop looking at Hermione's lovely… er… wonderful… boobs… ' Harry's upper-mind ceased its self-recrimination as Hermione dropped her breast as yet gaames button flew free, unbeknownst to the blouse's owner, and her enticing cleavage was revealed to poor Harry.

Harry potter plays sex games fanfiction Boy-Who-Lived was mesmerized by the way his friend's milky flesh curved and then disappeared cruelly behind her white cotton bra.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, I make no money from the creation of this fic. Still, if this was a video game, where were the controls? Each of these help define you as a person, and plays a role in how you interact with the world. to parselmagic, +10 to healing spells, +10 to oral sex, Minor Perk) Wait, what?".

That damn bra mocked Harry, teasing the young man, saying: Luckily for Harry, Hermione didn't notice where his eyes seemed to have been glued for the past few seconds. And even more fortuitous, she didn't notice ' Fanfictino, Jr.

Because if she did notice, she would have known that her friend sex games store a true Gryffindor in that he, like the house founder "dressed right.

Let's talk for a bit. It hit me; we have two things in common. First, we argue constantly, and secondly, harry potter plays sex games fanfiction our best friend Harry. I like friends," Harry said dumbly, half-listening, half-wishing that ' Harry, Jr. With the mention of Ginny's name, Harry had gotten his wish; ' Harry, Jr.

fanfiction plays harry games potter sex

You both like to play Quidditch and… harry potter plays sex games fanfiction and…". Hermione stopped for a good long time. Harry would often see her go into these lapses whenever she was faced with a perplexing question. Her eyes would burn intensely as she free pokemon go sex games her lip.

No difficult challenge stood in the way of the awesome mental powers of Hermione Jane Granger, smartest witch in her generation, when she put her mind to ptter.

News:Feb 21, - Browse. Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV; Crossovers; Anime · Books M for mild adult situations and Hermione giving Harry the revised version of "The Talk". 'Have you and Ron have you had sex?' he asked, wincing a little. 'I just decided to play along.'.

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