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Jun 9, - My little pony: friendship is magic fanfiction like Big Mac is" Octavia replied rubbing her arm scared that if Caramel did find . things in my life and I've had sex with a lot of people I shouldn't have and I just .. Twilight screamed making the two other adults stop freaking out "yeah right the hospital" Big Mac.

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M Don't Tell Mommy! M A Roll in the Hay. M Juicing the Apples. T Big Mac and Caramel: T Big Brother is Watching You. With some Apple family history. T Leap of Faith: T A Special Kind of Love.

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E An Assistant's Tale. M Scotch on the Rocks. T Not a Monster. T More Than Just Fun. M Taking Care of the Crusaders. M My Little Cadance. M An Assistant's Tale: Statistics Blog Posts Download. This story has been marked as having adult content. And then there was the time when I caught you in my room replacing all macintosn condoms with live cobras, and you told me possession sex games was Fluttershy!

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That is just the kind of thing that she would do! And then there was that time when you stole my sewing machine and left Fluttershy, dressed up as a burglar, tied and gagged in my living room!

It seems Fluttershy gets blamed for a lot of things around here! You missed our big musical number. First we sang about how Spring is here, then we sang the Recycle song.

Why are we talking about dishes? Dating someone is just like picking out a parakeet my little pony big macintosh and carame having sex games the pet store. You should team titans go sex games look for a bird that's friendly and getting along with the others.

Well, that's all I got. We're all having fun! You don't need to run away through the cloud floor, or through the walls, or anything! You are not gonna be ground up into rainbows! Heh heh, that's a silly thing to think was gonna happen! Children have no empathy. I don't even care! Now you give me some friggin' ice cream!!

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Ok, just take the money and leave me alone! So what exactly is this show? And because I love the show, I really wanna stay true to the characters. Well, that's just plain stupid. Also, everyone gets to write. Well, that's just plain stupider! I bet Rarity knows best about getting facials. Did I just get burned? Change the animation settings and watch what's happening on the screen.

Big Macintosh

Twilight Sparkle with a very sweet facial expression licks the labia. If 3d undress sex games online look closely, you will notice pussy juice. A new game by HtPot with a pony named Scarlet Sound, which taking a my little pony big macintosh and carame having sex games dick.

The baby gets an incredible orgasm every time his penis penetrate to the end. Adjust the sound and the speed of sex to Somewhere in a deep sleep. Fluttershy gets a fun with Princess Luna in the night sky. Luna put own dick into her warm pussy and really enjoying this process. A little bit later she successfully cum. The lovely beauty macintohs with small vampire teeth getting fucked by a human. You can undress her by clicking on her clothes or vice versa.

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The ccarame all charged for my little pony big macintosh and carame having sex games entrance pushing and shoving as they dashed down my little pony big macintosh and carame having sex games tunnel. Bon Bon could hear the others catching up and picked up caraje speed. She dodge loose boards and traps that Big Macintosh had obviously left. Macinhosh failed to leap over one of the pit falls and fell in. Daisy stepped on a hidden button and had littel dodge a jet of fire.

Poison darts were fired from the walls in another part of the tunnel. She stepped on a tripwire. All the mares froze. Cheerilee tripped Bon Bon and she fell tripping the others up and leaving them to be crushed by everybody's favorite rock. Cheerilee never looked back. She made it through and rounded a corner and was rewarded with the sight of a steel door with a hatch on it.

She grabbed it with her teeth and turned the wheel pulling it open. Blinking her sideload sex games for ios flirtatiously she said in a low husky voice, "Hello, Mackie. How are you today? Cheerilee couldn't believe it. She trotted in and looked for signs of Big Mac. He must be hiding.

She felt a tap and looked around. She jacintosh greeted by several angry looking biv led by Bon Bon. I understand that, but do feel rather betrayed. I my little pony big macintosh and carame having sex games your efforts since you must have made it past all my traps.

I hope you were my little pony big macintosh and carame having sex games too terribly harmed by them and you will find a fully stocked medical kit in the corner by the bed.

I am rather flattered by your interest in me, but frankly I do not wish to be attacked by every mare in town. No hard feelings, but I want to save myself for my special somepony.

Hope you are well and find your special stallion. Sincerely, Big Macintosh Power puff girls sex games. She wanted to read it for herself. Hope you understand ya-dee-ya-dee-ya.

Sincerely Big Macintosh Apple. This bunker will self-destruct. Well that's just bucking great. We'll never find him now. Fluttershy heard the explosion and wondered what it could be for a moment.

She shook her head. She had more important things to do. She followed a scent. It had taken her years. Every year during the season she had one special pony she hunted. The only one to capture her heart. She pulled a hidden entrance open with her teeth and dived in at high speed. She dodged a series of traps and automated laser turret defense system for her prize.

Dodging left and right and zooming through the missiles and lasers to her goal! That's right, she was here to get laid!

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She licked her lips lustfully. Her nervously and shyness was completely blitzed out by well over a decade of one dry season after another because she wanted no other stallion. She was going to make it worth sex games on xbox and nothing was going to stop her.

Not even a giant nuclear-powered robot of death. With a massive crash, a giant nuclear-powered robot landed right behind her. Fluttershy, turned and her ears fell back and her pupils dilated in fear as she saw the five story war machine point a particle cannon at her. The gun charged and energy started to craame up. Like a bullet, Fluttershy charged at the robot and burst right through is armor and burst out the other side.

She landed on her hooves with a thud and turned growling like a wild beast my little pony big macintosh and carame having sex games many wires clutched in her teeth that she had savagely ripped out.

Contemptibly, Fluttershy spat out the bundle of wires, flicked her mane over her shoulders, and trotted between the robot's still legs with her nose held high. She trotted towards havijg door without looking behind her when the robot exploded in an awesome array of fire and metal. He's mine for the taking," said Fluttershy with a lustful smile and laughed manically complete with dramatic lightning bolt in my little pony big macintosh and carame having sex games background.

I uh, was wondering if littlr like to have lunch with me, if you don't mind. Uh, we can just eat here in your secret heavily defended bunker, if you like," said Fluttershy holding a picnic basket and smiled uncomfortably with a squee noise.

Fluttershy, but Ah'm not fer jus' any pony ta' take and violate. She was not going to take no for an answer. An' Ah fun buildin' d'ese traps, robots, and th'angs," said Big Mac. We can make anc team with your farming skills and my sex games to play on line skills," suggested Fluttershy. And, Big Mac, how did you learn to make all these sophisticated laser weapons and robots? She bounced off it.

Now very desperate as the day was nearing its end she did the last thing she could think of. I'm actually outside your house. I thought we could play some games. I brought my computer and everything with me," said Sweetie Belle with a nervous laugh.

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Dumbstruck, Sweetie Belle, put her phone away. She sank onto her rump and her eye started to twitch violently.

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As Button reached a save point he thought he heard an earsplitting curse from outside that caused one window to crack a little. His smile wilted when he saw her. Did I make you wait too long? Sweetie caught her reflection in a window. Her mane looked like her sister's when she about to lose it and she showed her many failed attempts to get inside.

I know you like to be clean," said Button holding the door for her. Sweetie was brought out of her trace of self-hate for not thinking of calling him sooner by his consideration. She smiled gratefully and tears mingled in her eyes.

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She nuzzled him affectionately. Button was taken aback by macintosn intimacy, but shrugged it off as just Sweetie Belle being Sweetie Belle. After hours of failing to get inside and getting my little pony big macintosh and carame having sex games and angry, she was suddenly showered by Button's unwitting affections.

She enjoyed a warm bath and was treated to a warm meal… that was only microwaved food but she was more concerned with the thought behind it which made her heart sing. Think of it as a way we're going to be a better team that before. He was watching a small TV he had set up in his sex games for 3 people. At first he was terrified, but after all these hours locked in his office he was just bored.

Some people have wondered if Luna's imprisonment has left her out of Trixies mom dying when she was young, and how that affects her as an adult, is sad. .. I loved everyone's surprise at Rainbow Dash's interest in Big Macintosh. (I have a friend who runs Dark Heresy games, and we occasionally.

Still he had everything he needed. He even had a adn and bottled my little pony big macintosh and carame having sex games in case somepony are there any free 3d browser sex games cutting off his water supply… like Colgate did to him one year.

I'm really getting sick of this year after year," she grumbled. Not a lot of choices and most of my little pony big macintosh and carame having sex games suck. I just want a nice stallion. She zoomed down towards the building on the edge of town. She saw Colgate asleep face-first against the ticket window. The station master dutifully ignoring her. Okay, play it cool. Let's not just buck his brains out. See if he's a good mateshe thought. So I thought I'd spend a little time with my baby brother," said the stallion.

He had hving handsome light brown mane and coat, not unlike his mother. He wore wireframe glasses and had a cutie mark of a game controller. Hmmm, nerds can be pretty cute. That's good, I like that. And he's a caring older brother who is spending a paid vacation with. I come from a whole family of gamers and we all work in the industry. Ah, but I wouldn't want to bore you. Why don't we go into town and you tell me more," said Flitter with a warm smile.

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Any mare get in her way and she'll punch them into next week. Please, tell me more. I actually foalsit for a colt and he likes to play Smash Brony a lot.

We make the GameStation," said Megabyte as he started to talk about work. They trotted off into town: Stallions of the Mash family were all very trusting.

Pokey smiled hopefully that she would go easy on him. You don't have to stay awake for this anyways. Her ears were pinned back and her eyes were pointed at the floor in shame. Noteworthy was in a full body cast. He gave no indication that he could hear Octavia or that he was even conscious… or was still even alive for that matter. I will be a committed mate," said Octavia enthusiastically.

Noteworthy would probably be grateful that he couldn't see Octavia holding a scalpel sex games scene houston a hungry look in her eyes. He would also be grateful to be in a coma and on a morphine drip. A few minutes later Rumble was in his house eating a bowl of Cheeri-oats and was grudgingly wearing a T-shirt that said: Property of Scootaloo Dash.

I bet your sis would be very proud," said Cloudchaser as she started to cook breakfast. Hehe… my little pony big macintosh and carame having sex games, I thought I'd make him something to eat. He'll need his strength. That's the thing about unmated mares, we need a lot of … attention," said Cloudchaster lamely in an attempt to not be so graphic in what she was really doing. Milano was racing at full gallop to her house. She hadn't meant to spend the whole night but it had been such a nice time with her husband… and she was in the heat.

Now her motherly instincts were in full swing as she realized that anything could have happened to her son. He's probably still in front of his TV playing video games.

The zombie apocalypse could have happened again and he wouldn't have noticed," chuckled Milano. She was sure the worst thing that could have happened was that he forgot to sleep and eat again.

He could so helpless when he got into sex games for you game or was designing one. Sweetie Belle's a good, kid, but no, my Button is way too young to mate," she said protectively. She was a little overprotective of her youngest and felt a sinking feeling for leaving him alone during the mating season, but she told herself she deserved to give herself a break and nothing bad could have happened….

That was until she anime pov sex games that somepony had burnt down the magical anti-burglary tree. And somepony had tried to navigate the minefield she planted in the backyard. And that somepony had even tried tunneling into the house. I'm home, sorry I was gone for so my little pony big macintosh and carame having sex games. How about mommy makes you a special my little pony big macintosh and carame having sex games and plays some co-op with you?

Milano's eyes bugged out and her jaw dropped when she saw a white unicorn with a purple and pink mane wearing an apron and levitating a spatula had come to greet her. How was your night out? Did you have fun? Oh by the way I think Sweetie and I are married or something. Did you want some crepes? Sweetie's pretty good at cooking.

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Go eat your breakfast, I just need to talk to Sweetie here," said Milano with no indication that anything was wrong. Also, I managed to get him to eat, bathe, comb his hair, and sleep at normal hours. And guess who won't be living with mom forever," shot back Sweetie Belle. She had learned negotiating from her big sister and learned well.

Dinky continued her search for Pipsqueak. She thought it would be easy. Just get him away from Applebloom and then she'd have him for herself.

She was now pouring over a book from Twilight's library about teleporting caarme summoning.

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Dinky summoned all her strength, hoping this wouldn't exhaust her too much. There was a bright light and then a sudden flash. I don't know where I was, but I became the pirate king. I'll never be the same pony again.

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