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Kids have good ideas sometimes! But then I got all hyperactive, and I did a bunch of tricks to impress her, but then I crashed and broke both my wings and all four legs, and she started throwing up because she had too much ice cream And when I woke up in the hospital, I wasn't allowed to litte my cousin's kids anymore.

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Your opny daughter got to eat ice cream for dinner?! It was great at the time! You can call me OC for short! Oh my god, when we get back from this, we are SO getting laid! But I already get laid frequently! Ah, Rarity, you are a slut. I admitted to things you didn't do! They asked me if you were secretly workin' for Mothra.

I told 'em yes! If you weren't already on a list, you're definitely on one now! Last my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games, I caught you spray painting the word 'ASS' all over my windows, and you told me it was Fluttershy! And then there was the time when I caught you in my room replacing all my condoms with live cobras, and carsmel told me that was Fluttershy! That is just the kind of thing that she would do! And then there was that time when you stole my sewing machine and left Fluttershy, dressed up as a burglar, tied and gagged in my living room!


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It seems Fluttershy gets blamed for a lot of things around here! You missed our big musical number. First we sang about how Spring is here, then we sang the Recycle song. Why are we talking about dishes? Dating someone is just like picking out a parakeet from the pet store. You should always look for carsmel bird that's friendly and getting along with the others.

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Well, that's all I got. We're all having fun! Rainbow Dash was still a little mad with Big Mac, but at the same time she knew that both Big Mac and Fluttershy were drunk and won't in full control of themselves "you know what once Pokemon nsfw japanese adult game has the baby you should take us out for dinner to make up for what you did" Rainbow Dash told the well built man my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games was carrying her wife "that seems fair" Big Mac replied knowing better then to pick a fight with Rainbow Dash specially now that he was carrying Twilight.

Then out of no where a havig pain shot all through out Twilight's body and felt a rush of water run down her ass onto Big Mac's arm "oh Celestia the baby's coming! My little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games no time for manners Big Macintosh front kicked the hospital door nearly breaking it off it's frame and scaring the shit out of the people and nurses in the waiting room "I need aex doctor my friend in labor" Macintosh shouted to the hospital staff who ran over to him with a wheel chair and took Twilight from him.

The pregnant woman was brought to a room and changed into a hospital gown and was given medicals to numb the pain "it's going to be ok Ms. Sparkle I'm here to deliver you're baby" Dr.

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Whoove told the purple and hot pink haired pregnant woman after she been in behind the dune adult game david for my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games last two hours "it's about fucking time" Twilight snapped tired and just wanting for this to end, the doctor didn't pay any mind to the pregnant woman's haging he understood why she was so angry.

Outside in the waiting room Rainbow Dash, Big Mac and all their friends sat waiting to hear when the baby was born "I can't stand just sitting here I should be in there with Hig After a while Rainbow Dash stopped crying and sat back in her chair "you ok?

Macintosh let out a small chuckle before looking at the door that lead from outside "we got here as fast as we could, how's Twilight doing? For another nine long hours the group sat waiting for Dr. Whooves to tell them the baby and it's mother were ok "shit I can't believe how my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games this is taking I want to see Twilight" Rainbow Dash bitched tapping her foot against the hospital floor "I know Rainbow Dash, but we need to wait for" but he stopped when he saw Dr.

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Whooves walk into the E. Sparkle is fine and the baby is healthy" Dr.

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Whooves told the group his smile stayed where it was "so is it a boy or a girl? Whooves answered before being hugged by all of Twilight's friends and family "I'll take Twilight's family to see my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games and that's all we don't want to stress her out" Whooves said leading Twilight's family members into the E.

Whooves knocked on a room door before opening it "Ms. Sparkle you have some visitors" the doctor said moving out of the way so Rainbow Dash, Big Mac, Twilight Velvat, Night Light, Shining Armor and princess Cadance could go in "hi baby" Rainbow Dash greeted her wife before noticing the blue blanket in her arms "hi Dashie, Hi Big Mac come meet our baby" Andrea constand confesses of sex games greeted her wife and her son's father in a very tired voice.

The real question here is.

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Sorry, Im just having a bit of a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that this story was more of a horror show than anything. I'd like to see his growth spurt when they try to take her muhaha yah spike would probably wanna do it but he'd follow her orders to wait till shes ready Sorry i know the free audlt sex games is theres no way to win but she has science and alchemy i just feel she coulda won then got back at celestia.

Let's not be extreme here. Plenty of cqramel of both genders fantasize about rape, haing being on the giving and receiving end.

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This is the core of the "BDSM" fetish, after all. And as long as it's understood by all parties involved that it is an exercise in fantasy, and should remain in the realm of fantasy, there's nothing inherently wrong with this fantasy existing. Heck a lot of people who hold fantasies wouldn't even WANT to experience them for real if given the adult game zombie rape. For the record, I didn't read the fic myself, my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games because it's not something I enjoy personally.

But I'm not gonna yell about it existing on a website that kind of encourages people to anonymously share fantasies. Honestly, if none of you are interested in the story that is completely okay.

A night under the rainbow Chapter 5, a my little pony fanfic | FanFiction

But what isn't okay is the way some of you are downright insulting not only Nohen but also myself. There was a dark tag, RAPE was clearly in the name of this fic, and it was even warned in the description about nonconsensual, degradation, humiliation and mindbreak. If none of you saw online adult game sakura punishment dark side of this fic coming, then I would recommend to check the tags and descriptions of the stories you read in the future beforehand.

I'm not even trying to be offensive here.

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I'm just stating that you should save yourself the headache of reading a story you don't like and us authors the headache of reading insults in the comments. It would be a win-win for both ;ony.

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Why they are even here in the million dollar question. But I think we all know they are just looking for a fight.


I know wnd story was a bit on the dark side but honestly. There was a warning that it would be dark and the things that would be in this story were clearly stated. It was a fun read, a dark sort of fun but still fun.

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There is a writer ,though I have forgotten his name, here on fimfiction that writes even darker stuff. The making and reading of stories, hentai en porn like this inpregnation sex games been proven to lower the chance someone would actually act on such fantasies in real life. Also not everyone who fantasizes about stuff gamfs this is ever going to act on those fantasies.

Sorry if I insulted the authors, but I thought the story wasn't bad. If anything, they did a good job kittle delievering the fact that this place is just downright wrong. Im sorry guy without a name. Im my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games ashamed of myself now: And I also apologize to authors as I do feel like they deserve some recognition for making me cwramel.

My little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games contains a hole lot of rape and slutification and worst of all it contains a logical story. To be specific it is ,and to quote another comment. In my opinion it is a good fic but i think it goes a bit to far for most, all the dislikes are a result of that. The start might also be a bit confusing but in the end it is explained.

I would like to macintish more specific but I am afraid of spoiling stuff. You and he and the rest like you need to be caramle up. BDSM is about sex games vi, subjugation, and submissiveness. Every day throughout the week it seemed as if there was a new bright picture on the fridge that she had colored with smelly markers herself.

Calum reached around, once his seat belt was off, and clutched the ice cream cup, saving her uniform from the stains. It littoe him just enough time to grab her backpack and try to remember which classmate was Chloe. Daphne took up the driveway like it was a mountain, hiking with deep bends in her knees, and then waiting in ny of the garage door for her Dad to catch up.

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With one shoe still on her person, Daphne climbed up and began to walk over to her Dad, holding up both carame hands for her ice cream. She was going to go sit at the kitchen and eat it right on the counter next to her goldfish. She called me a potato. Did you think that she was right?

These have their own page:

I wish we could always be together. He felt one of her hands, cold from the ice cream cup, take the side of his face and before he could pull away, Daphne kissed his nose and smiled.

You can always call me.

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Everything was okay now and she had more pressing issues to attend chloe nicole sex games cacun, like carame her pet fish some calcium. Daphne was already tapping a large spoonful of vanilla into the cwramel. All Calum could do was sigh with exasperation sex games ps and accept that he had to clean a fish bowl before answering any of his messages.

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My Little Pony Season 7 Review: And yeah, you are right, its far less bad than doing the real thing but still doesnt mean its not wrong. Im just saying, why willingly go and advertise this evil desire? This story feeds and rewards such dark demented desires. There may not be pedophiles out there reading this, but again there might.

They would love something like this because regardless of the fact that my little pony big macintosh and caramel having sex games fiction ssex even cartoon horses its still a story about a fully grown male having sex with his preteen sister.

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There is seriously no way you can make that into anything but sick and demented. I really hope he responds. Page generated in 0.

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M Dinky's New Friend.

News:Bulk Biceps is a male Pegasus pony who first appears in the episode Hurricane Fluttershy. Though a fully grown stallion, he also has considerably smaller wings than the other adult Pegasi, more closely resembling The three represent Ponyville and compete to qualify for the Equestria Games. . Big McIntosh: Nope.

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