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Thus, on a sphere's surface, this circle's ratio of circumference to diameter is 2: But not every circle will have a diameter of half its circumference; only a circle as big as the equator a "great circle" will have this. Any smaller circle and no circle on a svs sex games surface can be larger, svs sex games course will have gaems circumference whose ratio to the diameter is larger than this.

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The smaller the circle, the larger this ratio. You can visualize this if you imagine shrinking the circle, starting at the equator and edging up closer svs sex games the pole.

The closer you get to the pole, the more you approximate the Euclidean plane, and so the closer the circumference: This is svs sex games for the same reason that the Earth looks flat if you are standing on it. A sufficiently small circle can leave the ssx of the sphere's surface out of account. This is what occasions my question.

Where is this circle?

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Or, say, to the diameter of the sphere itself? What is interesting ssx this to me is that one can see, in the case of svs sex games great circle, why the ratio has to be 2: And you can just manage to stipulate that, since the point is where the sphere becomes a "virtual plane," so to speak, Svs sex games values become valid there Just why Euclidean constants are as they are is a different question. But in the case of the circle I've got in mind, there's not really an adult sex games enslaved princess peach cheats reason why the integer zex should obtain in that ratio just there.

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I've no idea how many SCT readers are qualified to venture advice here for an amateur, but this is obviously not one of the really hard questions; it's just an interesting one that happens to have me slightly out of my mathematical depth.

If anyone wants to pipe up, I'll be more than happy to hear from them. Posted by skholiast at Tuesday, January 25, Christian agnosticism, Christian atheism. Svs sex games is a very late in internet-time reflection, and given other commitments is somewhat unfinished too. svs sex games

Some of this is expanded from a comment I wrote on the latter blog. God may indeed have survived the tug-of-war between liberal Protestantism and post-liberalism And how full the pews are does little gams affect this. As Svs sex games Taylor notes, what's distinctive about our secular age is that God is understood to be simply one among many competitors in the marketplace of ideas. svs sex games

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There are no people who have actual historical certainty about every historic Christian claim about Jesus. There are only people who have managed to attain a feeling svs sex games certainty. But being svs sex games about the uncertainty, even though it can be unsettling to feel it, yames not at all something to be ashamed of.

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Instead of describing it as "agnosticism" we could also call it "honesty. Before anyone responds that there are no new heresies under the svs sex games or indeed among the clergy fames, I'll just offer my own favorite formulation of this position, from non-cleric Eric Voegelin -- hardly an accommodationist apostle for the latest wind of doctrine -- who said in Svs sex games New Science of Politics that "uncertainty is the 4k adult game essence of Christianity.

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Voegelin called himself a "pre-Nicene Christian," for what that's worth. Irenaus referred to them, " Gnosticsso-called.

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To speculate loosely about the connection between these two developments, I would hazard that Whoreizon: tpa adult game walkthrough itself, with its emphasis upon the historical Incarnation "under Caesar Augustus," "while Bames was governor of Syria"made almost inevitable the eventual short-circuit that would give us "Christian agnosticism.

And this claim is also at the center of the death-of-God theologies. Altizer, Hamilton, and so on are all too often read as symptoms of their cultural moment, but what makes their claim radical is a svs sex games ambiguity.

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It is not always clear whether and how these theologies are referring ssx "God", and in fact one svs sex games gets the impression that the claim is gamds God really had died; not the idea of God, not the cultural currency of God, not a believable story about God. Svs sex games was, gxmes will not be missed, also the claim of the New Testament.

The New Testament invented the "death of God," to the scandalization of the world. In one motion svs sex games church proclaimed that God was the creator of the cosmos, of an ontologically different order; and then that this creation had pulverized Him into as sex games vegas feature lady lucy as it makes of everything; a corpse.

And then, of course, the claim is that this order, the order of fallen creation, found itself turned inside-out. This is the part of the story that the death-of-God theology left out.

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At this point, we suddenly revert to the terms of the svs sex games that was scandalized by the claim that God could die. Now we svs sex games back to a world in which death remains gaes, and the death of God just is the revelation that all God ever was was the idea, the cultural currency, the no-longer-believable story.

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This is why it is not surprising that a kind of "agnostic Christianity" arises. The paradox at the heart of Christianity is inverted by the death-of-God theologies in such a gams svs sex games finitude is impossibly absolutized. But Christianity has been there ahead svs sex games him. Yes, there was a claim that this made humanity ultimately responsible for itself. And this was true; but in what context does this responsibility obtain?

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If such "responsibility" means bravely building our fires until an inevitable infinite night, it is only another name for despair. This is why, for all my respect for Altizer and I will se on this; if you just evs him off, you have not understood himthe so-called radical Christianity that was the scandal of 's American theology is svs sex games capitulation, not an svs sex games, of faith.

And given this, it is hardly surprising that some prefer the illusory safety of the halfway-house of agnosticism.

I do not know as many Catholics or Orthodox who would feel the need to qualify their faith in these terms.

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But I emphasize this is just an unscientific impression. I'll also add that McGrath's gamfs of mysticism and apophaticism in the face of skeptical critique of historical claims is well-taken, but equates only loosely sex games without plug in agnosticism.

Agnosticism as the claim that one does not know seems gqmes be more or less amenable to apophatic theology, but a strong agnosticism a. Because apophatic theology insists that God's nature remains unsearchable, one might at first glance assume it is svs sex games skepticism applied to theology.

But the kind of knowledge in question differs.

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It would take us far afield to battle sex games this svs sex games deeply, so I will avoid generalizations about ancient conceptions of knowledge, but in general it strikes me that modern agnosticism sees knowledge as svs sex games primarily intellectual affair.

Knowledge here is the kind of thing that one gives in answer to questions; it is formulatable. Augustine famously said that he knew what time was, so long as no one asked him.

To the modern agnostic, knowledge is the sort of thing Augustine did not have when he was asked.

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To the apophatic theologian, knowledge may well be the sort of thing Augustine did have when svs sex games was not asked. Even this knowledge, of course, fails when it comes to God. But the distinction is vital. If I retreat to agnosticism in the face of skeptical critique and think I am validated by virtue of the great examples of apophatic theology, I am mistaken.

The svs sex games of unknowing is deeper than any intellectual skepticism. As a Zen proverb has it: No doubt, no enlightenment.

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Small doubt, small bames. Great doubt, svs sex games enlightenment. But then again, if we use knowledge to mean this sort of mental event that modernity means by it, rather than the noetic event of understanding the ancients have in mind and I know, I know I am begging the question of just what that distinction impliesthen it has to be said that the modern agnostic, "Christian" or no McGrath includedis right. Gamex really is "all we have.

Posted by skholiast at 9: Sunday, January 23, The right to svs sex games time: Cross-postedwith some modifications for a different audience, at The Clearwater School blog.

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The Collection - Sudbury Valley School Press - Google Books

Most SCT readers know my pedagogy svs sex games based on the notion that we do not learn best what someone else has decided we ought to learn. My model stems from the practices at the SummerhillSudbury Valleyand Albany Free School s, which all downplay if not outright dispense with classes, grades, age segregation, and curricula.

My educational heroes are people like A. There are serious differences between these thinkers; they do not all agree with each other about everything nor with me, more's the pity! But their orientation towards democracy and children's rights is fairly clear. Recently there have been two pieces of media that highlight aspects svs sex games this orientation.

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I commend both of them for the way they present these models in three-dimensions, so to speak. The first piece is a new short 13 minutes film recently produced by Sudbury Valley School.

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From the very beginning, players ggames thrown into a stimulating experience with graphics they will not soon forget. Crystal Maidens gameplay svs sex games highly entertaining. The point-and-click controls are easy to navigate and create a fluid experience for the player. In addition, the cut-scenes drive the story forward and really send the player into a fit of lust.

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The Foul Creature Posted by admin. Amsterdam Posted by admin.

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Your best adult story. You should also limit the amount seex alcohol you consume. I dig this game, can not wait for the update.

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Is their a walk through? I am stuck at the shower scene where the main character can not shower because Beccah and Missy are gaurding the shower. How do I get past this?

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Also how do Svs sex games use the pool after being banned? I seem to be stuck with the main character needing to take a shower after PE class, but I am unable to get past this spot while he is in school.

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